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Alice: Madness Returns story trailer is delightfully deranged


Earlier this month you got to take a look at American McGee‘s upcoming Alice: Madness Returns in action with a gameplay trailer that showed off the nightmarish environments of the third-person action game’s corrupted Wonderland. The latest trailer gives you some idea of how Alice’s story fits into the defiled fairy tale realm. It also really, really wants to mess with your mind.

There’s not a lick of gameplay to be seen in this new trailer, but you likely won’t care by the time it’s over. Alice’s exchange with a shrink is heard in voiceover as a picture book series of images flashes by. We get a glimpse of Hell, a spurting fountain of blood, a popped out eyeball and a roiling ocean of blood and severed limbs. You’re starting to get the picture here, right? Alice’s latest adventure is going to be seriously messed up.

There’s not much more to be said at the moment. It’s all a waiting game now. Alice: Madness Returns hits stores on June 14, little less than a month from now. Buying it new will also get you a download code for a remastered high def version of the original 2000 release, appearing on consoles for the first time. Those who buy Madness Returns used will still have the opportunity to check out the original, for $9.99 / 800 MS Points.

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