Alleged photo leaks reveal Razer’s iOS 7 gamepad device

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The Razer Kazuyo appears to be Razer’s entry into the iPhone gamepad race, as an allegedly leaked image shared by Twitter user @evleaks reveals (via The Verge). The Kazuyo falls closer to the Logitech PowerShell than it does to PowerA’s Moga Ace Power in terms of design, and like the Logitech controller, the Kazuyo offers up four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, and a directional pad. The PowerA peripheral, on the other hand, also adds a pair of console-style analog nubs, though the Kazuyo reportedly employs the same all-analog button interface that the Moga does.

There’s little more to be said about the Kazuyo at this point. The dock portion of the device is on a hinge that allows your iPhone or iPod Touch to tilt upward at a 45-degree angle. The face buttons are also reportedly backlit. Regard all of this as image-supported rumor for now. Razer has yet to confirm anything, but with Logitech and PowerA products both now available, and 2014’s CES show in Las Vegas just weeks away, it’s not unreasonable to expect some sort of reveal – assuming the Kazuyo is legit – in the near future.

Below you’ll find the complete image provided by the tipster, including a look at the Kazuyo with the inserted iOS device angled up.

Razer Kazuyo