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How to Navigate the May Day Maze in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The newest update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to participate in the game’s first big event since its release: May Day. May Day is a day to celebrate workers for all that they do. In the game, May Day is a chance for players to celebrate how much hard work everyone has put into their islands.

New Horizons is already the most successful entry in the entire franchise. It’s also the most extensive release by far, adding intricacies on top of familiar challenges.
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Tom Nook is throwing an event for players to celebrate their efforts by giving them a chance to participate in the May Day Maze. Players will have access to the maze from May 1st until May 7th. Although it seems like a short period of time, the maze itself is not too difficult. However, players should stay on the island until all the items are collected. Here is a rundown on how to participate in the event, how to navigate the Maze, and collect all the items this island has to offer.

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How to get to the May Day maze

When players logged into the game on May 1st, Isabelle instructed players to come visit Tom Nook in Residential Services to hear about the May Day ticket. Tom Nook will tell players about a May Day Ticket that is available to players at their airport. This ticket will allow access to an island that Tom has specially set up for players to explore. However, there is only one ticket. Once players leave the mystery island, there will be no chance to return to it. The themed island that the May Day Ticket will send players to is unlike any Mystery Tour island.

animal crossing new horizons airport

After speaking with Tom Nook, players should head to the airport. Orville will mention that players have a ticket for the mystery tour with their name on it. Simply select “I want to Fly” and the option to use the May Day Ticket will appear. It’ll look similar to when players want to visit mystery islands. Also, players should not worry about what items they are carrying. Because of the nature of the island, Orville will take all items that the player is currently holding. In order to fully explore the island and what Tom Nook has set up, there cannot be any items held. Players will have to explore the island without any help.

Figuring out the May Day maze

The maze takes up the entire island, with the exception of the beaches. There are hedges, rocks, trees, and bushes that block the players path. The goal of the island is to navigate the entire maze, collect all the goodies, and meet Rover at the end. Without the player’s tools, this task can seem a bit difficult. However, there are items, tools, and supplies throughout the island to help you move through the island and get to the end. There are also quite a few goodies at the end for those who have been clever in how they use their resources.

Remember, players are able to restart the maze at any point. If you feel you have made the wrong decision or want to change how you approach the maze, simply enter your phone and ask for rescue services to take you back to the beginning of the island. However, note that if you use this service, all items that have been found up until that point will be removed. You’ll have to collect all the items again.

May Day Maze walkthrough

For those who have tried to navigate the maze but can’t seem to find a way through and collect all the items, here is a walkthrough of the maze.

The first thing you will want to do is grab the shovel at the entrance of the maze. Ignore the row of shrubs by the entrance and, instead, dig the shrub up to the left of the tree and grab the single fruit. Eat the fruit then dig up the first tree blocking your path.

Head up to the small gaps and jump across two of the gaps. Then head to the left and cross another small gap to collect one tree branch. Head down and across two gaps to find a series of holes with three tree branches, one stone, and a Worn Axe. Keep in mind, this is a Worn Axe so it can only be used for three hacks before it breaks.

With the axe in hand, jump back across the gaps going up and left and move towards the top left corner of the maze, where a tree blocks you from two fruits and a tree branch. Chop the tree down (of course, the axe will break), then collect the fruit and tree branch. Head right from where the tree was and move toward the right side of the map. There, you will find three wood pieces that need to be collected.

After picking up the wood, head back to the top left of the maze, then move down and right to where the three branches were collected. Once there, jump down across the far left gap, then hop left to find a rock. Eat one fruit and break the rock with the shovel. This will allow players to collect one iron piece. Do not eat the last fruit and dig up the tree! There should only be one fruit left in the inventory at the moment. Please leave it for now.

Once the iron is picked up, head back to the right, go up and left across a gap until players find the middle of the maze. Then jump right across the three gaps to reach another rock. Use the second fruit to break the rock, then move down and find another fruit below. Go ahead and eat one fruit and dig up the tree at the bottom left, which will allow you to reach a DIY workbench.

Use the tree branches and stones found to create a Flimsy Axe. Then upgrade the Flimsy Axe to a regular Axe with the 3 pieces of wood and 1 iron nugget that has been found. With the newly added strong ax in hand, head back to the middle of the maze and chop down the tree that keeps players from accessing the two fruit. However, do not eat this fruit yet!

animal crossing new horizons may day

Once the fruit is collected, move right across the three gaps towards where the three pieces of wood were collected, then cross to the left side of the maze. Once at the top left corner of the maze, move down then right to where the three gaps are. Hop down across the leftmost gap to where players found the iron nugget and the tree that blocked players path.

Go ahead and chop the tree down with the new, strong axe. Move ahead to find another fruit. You should now have three fruits in their inventory. Hold onto these, do not eat them. As you approach the last three trees, eating the fruit will be tempting. Instead of eating the fruit, chop down the trees one at a time. There is enough space between each tree that you can continuously chop down trees, sit on the stump, slide over to the empty spot, then stand up, and chop down the next tree. The fruit will be helpful in collecting the last treasures on the island, so be sure to not use them just yet.

Once players get past all the trees, there will be a path that leads to Rover! Speak to Rover and he will reward you with a May Day Prize.

After speaking with Rover, do not exit the island just yet. Instead, dig up the shrub by Rover to collect four Bell Vouchers. Once this is done, you’ll be able to dig up a few more shrubs right above where Rover is. From there, run across the top of the maze then head down the far left beach. This will lead you to three giant rocks blocking the path for five more Bell Vouchers. This is where the last three fruits will be necessary. Eat all three fruits and break the three rocks blocking the way. This allows you to collect all the prizes on the island.

To finish the island, dig up the shrubs along the bottom to get back to Wilber. Remember to manually head back rather than using rescue services to return to the beginning, otherwise, you will risk losing all of the items and starting over completely.

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