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Apple Arcade is about to get two big mobile games

The final boss in Vampire Survivors. He looks like count dracula. He's in front of a pink moon and "Vampire Survivors+" is on the front.

Apple Arcade is always adding some unique games to its catalog, and July is no different, with two big mobile titles, a Vision Pro game, and a bunch of updates coming soon.

Apple Arcade’s newest original title is Temple Run: Legends, the first level-based game in the long-time runner franchise, which is hitting the service on August 1. Typically, games in the series have infinite levels, so you just have to go as far as you can before a game over. Legends, on the other hand, has over 500 levels, so players have a more concrete way to track progression. Apple’s blog post on the announcement also says that it’ll feature new gameplay modes and new characters. And if you want to play classic Temple Run, there’s still an infinite run mode.

Ever since the first Temple Run released all the way back in 2011, the team at Imangi Studios has been consistently releasing new additions to the series. Not all of them have been endless runners either, with the match-3 game Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure, a VR title, and the idle Temple Run: Idle Explorers.

Next up is Vampire Survivors+, also launching on August 1. This isn’t the first time the bullet-hell hit has been on Apple mobile devices, but this version includes the two DLC packs — Legacy of the Moonspell and Tides of the Foscari — along with four-player co-op on the same device. It’s also ad free, like many games on Apple Arcade.

Vampire Survivors is one of the biggest surprise indie hits in recent years, with multiple levels that require you to take out ever-increasing hordes of monsters. You can unlock new characters, get new weapons, and level up abilities as you go and die over and over again.

Finally, Castle Crumble, a puzzle game where you destroy kingdoms and castles, is coming to the Vision Pro. So players can use hand tracking to knock down dioramas in-game.

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The $5 indie hit Vampire Survivors is about to get even better
A woman plays Vampire Survivors on a Steam Deck.

Indie hit Vampire Survivors is expanding with a new mode called Adventures. Coming soon to all platforms, the addition will bring a mini-story mode that will be free to all players.

Vampire Survivors was a breakout hit in 2022, earning several awards for its minimalistic action gameplay that's already inspired a new genre. Since then, developer Poncle has continued to support the game with new content. Adventures might be its most ambitious update yet, adding an entirely new mode.

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Hello Kitty: Island Adventure should be your next mobile game obsession
Sanrio characters hang out on a beach in Hello Kitty: Island Adventure.

I challenge you to find a video game with a better elevator pitch than Hello Kitty: Island Adventure. Get this: It’s Animal Crossing but with Sanrio characters. You don’t need to see a single screenshot or watch a trailer to know if you’re in or out on that idea.

Apple Arcade’s latest exclusive is the gaming platform’s best hope for a subscription mover yet. It’s an undeniably adorable adventure built to deliver on Apple’s promise of high-quality mobile gaming with no pesky ads or microtransactions -- and for the most part, it delivers. Though it lacks key hooks that make the Animal Crossing formula work, Hello Kitty: Island Adventure makes up for some of its shortcomings with an infectiously positive attitude and a downright pleasant visual style that I can’t help but soak in. It’s a summer getaway in your pocket.
Island time
It’s immediately clear what developer Sunblink is aiming to do upon firing up the adventure. After a cute introduction where Hello Kitty almost gets an entire airplane of cute animals killed (yes, really), players parachute onto an island alongside Sanrio staples like My Melody and Keroppi. Within moments of exploring that first hub area -- complete with a furniture shop, clothing store, and a town hall where you can check your “island vibe” score -- it’s pretty clear that Animal Crossing was a direct inspiration here. Even its crafting animation looks identical to the one in New Horizons.

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Apple made it clear: The Vision Pro isn’t the next big video game platform
A man wears Apple Vision Pro.

The cat's finally out of the bag: Apple is entering the AR/VR world in a big way. Revealed during the company's annual WWDC stream, the Apple Vision Pro is an impressive XR headset that can be used for anything from writing emails to watching movies. Apple calls the device the "most advanced personal electronics device ever," and that might be true -- though the jury's out on whether or not it's worth the jaw-dropping $3,500 price tag.

Heading into the long-rumored reveal, there was one use case I was most curious to see: gaming. Video games have long been a crucial selling point for VR headsets, showing off the power and potential of any given device. Just last week, we got our first glimpse at the Meta Quest 3, which was revealed hours before a dedicated Meta Gaming Showcase. Considering how much Apple has been investing in gaming over the past year, I figured we'd get a dedicated block during the Vision Pro reveal that would similarly emphasize the platform as a gaming device.

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