Arya Stark is skeptical of the OG Nintendo in new Teens React video

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams guest stars in the latest Teens React video from The Fine Brothers wherein youths warily play with an original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Immediately skeptical of its boxy, 90s-chic industrial design, the kids are soon foiled by the NES’s notoriously touchy start-up. The host prompts them to try the classic blow-into-the-cartridge maneuver, which of course works (reason be damned!). The hardware may be foreign, but once up and running, Super Mario Bros. is a familiar friend, which has been ported to every Nintendo console since the original, and stands as a testament to Miyamoto’s enduring original design.

A few of the teens are dismissive (“You want to tell me that a 1080p Xbox One is worse than this game? Get out of here!”), or relegate its enduring appeal to “hipster” cache. But in general they seem to appreciate the console as the landmark in home gaming that it was, despite its 8-bit handicap. Check out the whole video above and — if you were around to play the NES in the 1980s — get ready to feel old.