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Atari’s VCS computer console is getting Google’s full suite of apps

Atari’s VCS, or Videogame Computer System, is marketed as a two-in-one device that lets users play modern and retro games (and more via the cloud), stream movies, and surf the web on Google Chrome. However, a new update coming to the console will turn it into a full PC that owners can both play and work from. That’s because an update to the console is adding Google’s full suite of apps, turning the small form-factor machine into a modern-day Gmail and Google Docs machine.

This addition to the Atari VCS genuinely makes it seem like a decent work computer. The console can already operate as a full-on PC, giving users the option to install Windows, Ubuntu, or Chrome OS, the ability to customize the system’s memory with expandable M.2 SSD storage, and full mouse and keyboard compatibility.

It’s worth noting that the Atari VCS also ships with Google Chrome built-in, meaning any users could already access their Gmail or Google Drive. However, Google Workplace’s addition to Atari’s two-in-one means the same suite of productivity applications can be accessed through one simple app.

With the addition of Google’s Workplace apps, Atari believes that its console can now be used anywhere, from the bedroom to the office. A press release for the announcement states: “The system’s compact chassis makes it an ideal choice as a powerful set-top mini PC and gaming device for the office, living room, bedroom, or anywhere else in the home.” Of course, the idea of bringing an Atari console into your office to work off of is just a bit strange.

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