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Colonize an extraterrestrial world in Mothership Entertainment's 'Aven Colony'

Aven Colony - Pre Order Now!
Mothership Entertainment has announced that its science fiction management sim Aven Colony launches on July 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $30. The indie title will receive physical editions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which is fairly unique as indie titles typically don’t receive physical editions, especially not at launch.

Aven Colony follows in the tradition of building management sims such as Sim City and Cities: Skylines, only instead of building in a world like our own, players will be tasked to create settlements in Aven Prime, a foreign world populated with extraterrestrial beings. Aven Prime is filled with a slew of different biomes, including tundras, deserts, and wetlands, each one offering unique challenges and opportunities.

The goal of Aven Colony is to create a thriving ecosystem fit for mankind. Each colony starts as a barren landscape, but as you build your infrastructure, colonists will flock to your settlement. Players must be mindful of keeping colonists alive, which means cultivating food, maintaining healthy oxygen levels inside, and securing resources needed to develop a thriving colony.

In the single player campaign, users will be forced to consider changing weather conditions — frigid winters, lightning storms, ice storms, even toxic gas — when building habitable structures for colonists. Beyond biome conditions, there’s the constant threat of attacks from nefarious lifeforms. So far, Mothership has shown off sandworms that ooze acid, “creep spores” that can infiltrate buildings, and “plague spores” which can wreak havoc on your colony by finding hosts to spread a fatal disease.

In addition to the single player campaign, there’s a sandbox mode, where players can customize the experience from the ground up. Sandbox mode includes the ability to edit aspects like starting resources and minerals and environmental quirks. All of the single player maps will be available in Sandbox mode.

Aven Colony launches July 25. If you pre-order the game on any platform, you will receive access to Cerulean Vale, an additional map located on the seabed of an ancient civilization.

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