Batman: Arkham City for Xbox 360 suffering from glitch involving lost save data

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It’s a frightening thing for any gamer to worry over in this day and age. With video games demanding double-digit numbers of gameplay hours these days, losing a save file could conceivably mean that you’re losing 20+ hours of progress. Batman fans are living through this fear now, with word that the Xbox 360 version of Batman: Arkham City has been hit with a glitch that is causing save file data to become corrupted.

The news comes from a discussion thread that now spans 21 pages in the forums on the game’s official website. There doesn’t seem to be any common explanation for what causes the glitch, only that it wipes out save data. It’s reached the point now that WB Games has created a separate thread asking fans with corrupted save files to answer a series of questions about what’s going on. Hopefully, gathering information in this way will help bring about a fix that much more quickly.

There’s still no word for now on whether or not lost progress really is lost forever. If you’ve got an unaffected save then you might want to hold off on playing the game for a bit, until this is resolved. Here’s the information WB is asking for; send the information to the publisher at