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‘Battlefield 1’ single-player campaign trailer makes an explosive debut

Battlefield 1 Official Single Player Trailer
Developer EA DICE gives players a glimpse of the brutal narrative that defines Battlefield 1‘s single-player campaign in a new trailer that introduces the upcoming first-person shooter’s starring cast.

Today’s trailer reveals that players can expect to relive the horrors of World War I via infantry warfare, tank battles, and aerial dogfights featured throughout Battlefield 1‘s core campaign.

Battlefield 1 brings EA’s long-running shooter series back to its roots with a World War I-era narrative inspired by real-world events. Featuring period-specific weaponry like flamethrowers, artillery, and bolt-action rifles, Battlefield 1 mixes traditional first-person shooter gameplay with expanded melee combat mechanics.

Today’s trailer introduces the combatants that players will team up with during Battlefield 1‘s campaign. Specific characters appear to be tied to vehicle segments, serving as pilots or drivers while players take defensive measures and spearhead counterattacks.

In addition to its core single-player campaign, the game also includes a collection of multiplayer maps that accommodate up to 64 players at once. Players can assume offensive, defensive, or support roles during Battlefield 1 multiplayer matches by choosing among eight playable classes, including Assault, Tanker, Medic, Scout, and Cavalry.

Battlefield 1 will hit retail next month in standard and Early Enlister Deluxe Edition packages. The Early Enlister Deluxe Edition includes the Red Baron and Lawrence of Arabia downloadable add-on packs, each of which offers a unique collection of exclusive weapons, vehicles, and items. The Early Enlister package also grants access to Battlefield 1‘s single-player and multiplayer content three days in advance of its public retail release.

Longtime series fans may instead opt for the game’s Amazon-exclusive Collector’s Edition, which includes all Deluxe Edition content alongside a collectible 14″ statue, a cloth poster, a deck of themed playing cards, a steelbook case, and a replica carrier pigeon tube, in addition to a collection of exclusive DLC.

Battlefield 1 launches worldwide for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC platforms on October 21.

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