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Battlefield 4 DLC Naval Strike delayed on PC and Xbox One pending bug fix [updated]

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UPDATE: It appears that the Xbox One version is delayed as well, “to address issues in the animation system,” according to the now-updated post on Battlelog. Both that and the PC version of the DLC are now expected to arrive in “early April.” 

ORIGINAL POST: The latest downloadable content pack for Battlefield 4, the water warfare-focused Naval Strike, is out today for Premium subscribers… unless you happen to be playing on PC. There’s apparently an issue with the PC version of the DLC that’s serious enough for DICE to hold off on putting the pack out until a fix can be implemented. The specifics of the issue aren’t discussed in the Battlelog post that highlights the matter, and there’s no timeframe given for when the PC content might arrive.

Naval Strike was confirmed for a March 25 Premium-only launch on consoles and PC in February 2014, with a broader non-Premium launch to follow on April 8. It’s all part of getting the game’s post-release content calendar back on track following a disastrous launch in late 2013.

The new DLC adds four maps to the game as well as a brand new multiplayer mode – Carrier Assault – which is based on Battlefield 2142‘s Titan mode. Two teams vie for control of missile launchers that fire their payloads at the opposing team’s carrier. Crack the warship open and you can send infantry in to blow the thing up from the inside, or simply let missiles keep pounding away at the hull until the ship is sunk.

The four new maps all offer new opportunities for naval warfare, with one new vehicle and a whole lot of water. “Lost Islands” sends team to a small grouping of tropical islands, highlighted by a crash passenger plane (Lost reference, anyone?) and fishing villages. Wave Breaker includes a secret base with a drydocked submarine (that can be wrecked by shooting out its supports) and an assortment of rocky islands. Nansha Strike is all about waging war on the water, with stormy skies stretched out over “the largest ocean stretch in a Battlefield map yet.” Finally, Operation Mortar sends teams into battle in an abandoned cliff-side resort.

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