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The best Among Us mods

One of the reasons Among Us took off in popularity was how simple the game is to understand. It has charming, but basic graphics, and the mechanics of one team trying to secretly kill the other without getting caught was hugely appealing. bur what made it so accessible were the social elements where everyone would argue their case and try to convince others of who the killer was to send them out of the airlock. As great as that simplicity is, it does eventually get a little old even with the new roles added in 2021. Among Us mods breathe new life into this fantastic game with quality-of-life upgrades and entirely new ways to play. We understand that a lot of mods out there are pretty sus, but you can trust that these are the best ones available.

A custom Among Us game menu.

The easiest mod to recommend is one you don’t need to tinker around with to get working. offers simple instructions on how to use this custom launcher to access free and public modded Among Us servers with people all over the world. That means you don’t have to gather a bunch of friends who all have the same mod to play. In total, this launcher lets you play over 10 new custom mod servers, including Slenderman, Cops & Robbers, Jester, CrazyColors, and more. Each one changes up the base game in fun and unique ways that are a blast to experience. There’s even a community Discord where you can hang out and coordinate games with others using the launcher.


An Among Us character wearing a headset.

The only real flaw with the base Among Us game is the lack of voice chat. In a game as fast-paced and social as this, typing just doesn’t cut it, which is why just about everyone has adopted Discord to fill that gap. Discord does have its flaws when it comes to making it an immersive experience, unlike the BetterCrewLink mod that adds not only voice chat, but proximity voice chat. That means, just like in a game like Lethal Company, you can only speak to and hear players that are physically close to your character. Just like no one can hear you scream in space, this mod makes sure no one will hear you scream if you wander off alone and get backstabbed.

Town of Us

A showcase of the town of us Among Us roles.

The most popular form of mods are ones that add new roles to the default pair of crewmates and imposters. You could pick and choose from all the various mods adding one or two, but why not just get all the best in one big bundle? Town of Us adds dozens of new roles to crewmates and imposters, plus a third neutral faction. Each one has its own special ability, role, and sometimes even a unique win condition that could result in neither of the traditional sides winning. For example, the Jester wins if that player is the first person voted out, while the executioner wins if they can get one specific player assigned to them eliminated. There are even a handful of new modifiers if all the new roles didn’t make things confusing enough.

Streamers Hat Pack

Among Us us characters wearing streamer hats.

Let’s be honest, most of us got into Among Us after it blew up on Twitch. Watching our favorite streamers bumble their way through the game inspired us to do the same, so why not show your appreciation for your favorite content creator by donning a cosmetic item representing them? The Streamers Hat Pack doesn’t cover every big streamer out there, but it does manage to represent many of the ones you at least know about. There’s a flower for LilyPichu, Disguised Toast’s mask, Jackspeticeye’s eye, and more on the way like Valkyrae’s hair. More ways to customize your little jumpsuit spaceman or woman are always welcome.


An Among Us character with 256 color options.

Besides new cosmetic items, colors are the primary way you can express yourself in Among Us. As we all know, the default color selection is very limited, which is why the ColorsPlus mod is so handy. It brings the total color options up to 256, with four being new dynamic colors. What’s best is that this mod works on all official servers, although only you and anyone else with this mod will be able to see the custom colors.

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