BioShock Infinite release full 15 minute E3 demo footage

bioshock infinite release full 15 minute e3 demo footage songbird

When we were at E3 last month, we were impressed by BioShock Infinite. So much so that we awarded it our overall Best of Show for this year’s E3. We based that decision on a few various factors, but one of the most important was the gameplay footage we saw, which was awesome. That same footage debuted last night on Spike TV during the half hour BioShock Infinite special, and we now have all 15 minutes of it for you to see.

It is a bit odd watching it out of context, without the people from Irrational Games explaining some of the cooler details, but you should get a fairly good sense of the game. Several bits of this footage have already been released as well, but this is the first time they have all been placed together.

The setup is that Booker DeWitt, disgraced Pinkerton Agent, has been hired to infiltrate the floating city of Columbia. The city itself was built as a travelling World’s Fair exhibit, dedicated to celebrating the expansionism of America during the turn of last century. But as Columbia grows, it becomes more and more isolated, and also more aggressive. Soon the city that was built as a glimpse to a better future becomes a war machine bringing nightmares to anyone unfortunate enough to be in its path.

But things in Columbia are unstable, and the people vying for power all have different views. So much so that a Civil War breaks out between the elected council that fashion themselves into the ruling council, and the Vox Populi, the resistance faction that is made up of several individual groups all with their own reasons for wanting to bring down the government.

At the center of it all is Elizabeth, a girl with psychic powers that has been captive for most of her life, and is guarded by the monstrous songbird, a creature that seems to both love and abuse her. When DeWitt frees Elizabeth, they must find a means to escape, and attempt to discover exactly what her powers mean while the Songbird continually hunts the city for them.

In the clip below, Elizabeth demonstrates her ability to interact with quantum fields, and bring through objects from one world into another. Sometimes these things are simple, like bringing a mounted gun or a cart that can be used for cover into the world, but when used on a larger scale they can be uncontrollable. In one of the more curious scenes, Elizabeth is attempting to bring a horse back to life. But her powers flare, and she and DeWitt are transported to an alternative future where “Revenge of the Jedi” is playing (Revenge was the original, discarded title to Return of the Jedi).

Throughout the game, you will frequently be given choices as to how best to use these powers. BioShock Infinite is not an escort mission, and you won’t typically have to defend Elizabeth, but she will be with you and can help you by bringing through objects. It is a limited ability though, so you have to choose which item to bring through wisely (it also makes each play through potentially different based on what you choose to use).

The clip also shows off the sky line system, which both you and the enemies can access to move quickly around the city, and to get a better vantage point during combat. The combat in the clip is also avoidable, and the Vox Populi will sometimes leave you be as long as you mind your own business. If you try to interfere, as DeWitt does when he sees a mailman about to be executed, you might suddenly find yourself battling airborne balloons loaded with weapons, and hordes of enemies that come screaming at your via the rails.

The clip ends with a quick look at Songbird, who is most assuredly not your friend. It is going to be a long wait until Q2 of next year, when BioShock Infinite is released for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

{Warning: The following clip may not be suitable for all ages}