BioWare gives Commander Shepard a rest with Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC

mass effect 4

In just a two short weeks, Mass Effect 3 will turn one year old, meaning it will be high time for BioWare, Electronic Arts, and the series’ millions of fans to step back and wonder what all the fuss over the story’s ending was all about back in the forgotten days of 2012. To celebrate that one-year milestone, BioWare is thrusting its divisive science fiction tale back into the limelight with the final single-player DLC expansion. Mass Effect 3: Citadel is out on Mar. 5.

Citadel is an appropriate homecoming for the series. The expansion takes place on the massive space station of the same name, one of the very first environments explored in the original 2007 Mass Effect that was turned into a massive refugee camp in Mass Effect 3. According to EA’s announcement, this “final sendoff for Commander Shepard” will let players explore the bowels of the Citadel and visit with a number of characters from the first game and the much loved Mass Effect 2.

This isn’t the end of Mass Effect, though. Electronic Arts and BioWare officially announced a fourth game in the series in November, developed at BioWare Montreal, the studio that’s worked on a number of the Mass Effect 3 expansions. The game won’t be Mass Effect 4 according to community manager Chris Priestly.