Sony unveils BloodBorne at E3, from creators of Dark Souls


Sony has a lot to show off at E3 2014, with a strong mix of old favorites and new content. Falling into the category of the latter is BloodBorne. Little information was provided about the title outside of a teaser trailer shown during Sony’s time on stage.

From Software, creators of the popular and gamer-flustering Dark Souls franchise, are behind the new IP that appears to be set in Victorian England. The trailer, full of dark and damp environments, gave little idea about the game itself. There was no gameplay footage or indication of the type of game BloodBorne would be. It did tease with glimpses at some large, hairy monsters.

BloodBorne, which gamers my otherwise recognize by its leaked title Project Beast, is under the direction of Hidetaka Miyazaki. It will be available some time in 2015. There was no official indication that the title will be a PS4 exclusive.

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