‘Borderlands 2’ Headhunter DLC returns next week with a Thanksgiving feast

borderlands 2 headhunter dlc returns next week thanksgiving feast grandma flexington

Gearbox Software promised more Headhunter DLC packs for Borderlands 2 in 2013, and the studio makes good on that promise next week with the November 26 release of The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler (via 2K Blog). The pack is coming to all platforms that Borderlands 2 is available on – PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 – with a price of $3.

While these Headhunter packs aren’t nearly on the same scale as the bigger $10 ones, you get a couple of hours of fresh Borderlands 2 gameplay (and loot, of course) for only a few dollars. The setup for the latest combat-plus-a-boss gauntlet is an annual “hunger-themed competition to hunt down a giant turkey” known as the Wattle Gobbler. The whole thing is hosted by Mister Torgue, which creates an opportunity for us to meet some of the extended Torgue family, specifically “super buff” Grandma Flexington (awesome).

It sounds like there’s one more Headhunter pack due for release in 2013 as well. The 2K Blog post teases the upcoming DLC with a title: How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day. Expect to hear more about that one in the coming weeks.