Bowser crashes Mario Party 10

bowser crashes mario party 10

In addition to the return of Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros., Nintendo is giving the next-gen update to another of its couch-play classic, Mario Party. Announced as part of Nintendo’s E3 extravaganza, Mario Party 10 will come to the Wii U in 2015.

The game look like the standard mix of quick minigames spread across a board game map, until Bowser crashes the scene to introduce Bowser Party. This new mode casts one player as Bowser competing against the other four. Utilizing the GamePad controller, Bowser will be able to wreak havoc on the other players with fireballs and environmental hazards.

Mario Party 10 will also join Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart in supporting the recently-announced Amiibos (amiiboi?), though the exact details of how the figurines will work in this particular game are still unknown.

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