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Super Mario Party Jamboree is the series’ biggest game yet

Super Mario Party Jamboree – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch
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There’s nothing quite like a Mario Party game, and Nintendo has announced another entry that’s coming out this fall. Super Mario Party Jamboree is the series’ biggest game yet, and it’s due out on October 17 for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo announced the game, which takes place at an island resort, during its June 2024 Nintendo Direct, alongside other new Mario games like Mario & Luigi: Brothership and Donkey Kong Country Returns HD. Company senior executive Shinya Takahashi called it the “biggest Mario Party in series history,” and that certainly seems to be true, given it has over 110 minigames to play and multiple play modes.

One of the standout options is called Koopathalon mode, where you can put together a massive online party with up to 20 friends (if you have that many), and play against them in minigames. The announcement also teased other modes, but didn’t disclose any other details.

There are five new boards to compete on, along with two from Mario Party 1 and Mario Party 2: Mario’s Rainbow Castle and Western Land. As with previous boards, the new additions each have their own gimmick that can change up the whole match. For example, in the 1980s-inspired mall Rainbow Galleria, you can use your coins to get stars at half price during a flash sale and ride escalators to different parts of the board. On the Goomba Lagoon, the tide and a volcano can change everything up. Then there’s Roll ’em Raceway, which introduces a new item that’ll allow you to move up to a whopping 40 spaces — if you’re lucky.

The other two boards are King Bowser’s Keep and Mega Wiggler’s Tree Party, but Nintendo didn’t reveal any other information besides some quick glimpses.

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