Broforce exits Early Access, full version now on Steam

A finished version of Devolver Digital’s retro-styled run-and-gun shooter Broforce is now available on Steam, ending the game’s months-long Early Access tour of duty.

This week marks the completion of Broforce‘s campaign, and players are now able to experience the game in full for the first time.

Broforce puts players in control of “an under-funded, over-powered paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force.” Gameplay progresses across a series of side-scrolling levels that quickly fill with gunfire, explosions, and carnage as players sweep the area clean of enemy troops and vehicles.

Broforce offers dozens of playable characters based on action movie archetypes and hyper-masculine figures from popular media. Each character boasts unique weapons and abilities, greatly varying the tactics players can employ throughout each level.

The game also features a co-op component for up to four players, upping each level’s potential for explosive chaos. Each level ends with a ceremonial raising of the American flag and a quick escape via helicopter as explosions erupt below.

Broforce saw many new features, levels, and characters introduced as development progressed via Early Access. The game in its current state includes dozens of levels and more than 30 playable characters, including a recently launched batch of officially licensed action star likenesses inspired by the film The Expendables 3.

The most recent update that pushed Broforce out of Early Access adds an all-new set of missions that pit the members of Broforce against Satan and his minions for an explosive finale, putting a definitive end to the game’s lengthy campaign.

In addition to its central co-op campaign, Broforce includes a collection of competitive modes, including races and deathmatches. The game also offers a level editor and a series of timed challenges in Explosion Run mode.

Broforce is available via Steam for $10 during its launch week. A four-pack enabling online co-op with friends is also up for grabs at $30.