Bungie announces three special editions of Destiny for pre-order

bungie announces three special editions destiny pre order ghost edition

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Along with providing launch dates for the public beta test, Bungie has announced three special editions for Destiny that are now available for pre-order.

The Destiny Limited Edition ($100) comes protected in a SteelBook game case. The Guardian Folio of physical goodies includes an Arms & Armament Field Guide, Postcards from the Golden Age, and an Antique Star Chart. Digital content features a unique Ghost casing, an exclusive player emblem, and exclusive player ship variant. It also comes with the Destiny Expansion Pass for access to two post-launch expansions: The Dark Below and House of Wolves. PlayStation gamers also receive additional content in the two expansions that will remain platform-exclusive until fall 2015.

The Destiny Ghost Edition ($150) includes everything from the Limited Edition as well as a replica figurine of Ghost, the players’ AI companion. The replica will feature motion-activated lights and voice recordings from Ghost’s voice actor, Peter Dinklage. The Ghost Edition also includes a Letter of Introduction and a selection of Golden Age Relics, such as a photo, patch, sticker, and two chrome slides of the Traveler.

Fans fed up with baubles who just want to cut straight to the gaming goodness can order the Destiny Digital Guardian Edition ($90), which includes a download of the game along with the Expansion Pass and all of the aforementioned digital content.

The Expansion Pass is available separately for $35, or you will be able to buy each individual expansion for $20 when they launch. All pre-orders, special edition or not, include access to the Vanguard Armory for exclusive weapons and gear. Pre-orders are available now at participating retailersDestiny launches on Xbox and PlayStation consoles September 9.