Call Kenny Loggins: The Destiny alpha extends into the Danger Zone

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As a little post-E3 dessert this past weekend, eager PlayStation 4 owners were given the opportunity to get some early play in on an alpha test of Bungie’s upcoming shooter, Destiny. That was all supposed to end at 12:01am this morning, but much to our surprise and delight, a little bird fluttered by at 12am bearing interesting news:

That’s right: you can keep playing for now. The scope of the alpha remains limited to just 8 levels and a handful of areas, but if you wanted to take a crack at another class and some new skills, now is your chance to get it in. Don’t get too attached, because nothing will carry over into the beta once the lights go off on the alpha, and it could all come crashing down at any time. Instead, enter battle like samurai, liberated into potential greatness by your acceptance of inevitable death.

Bungie followed up with another tweet later in the morning, confirming that the alpha was still up and clarifying a bit what those “dangerous experiments” might be:

It seems like they are upping the difficulty as the alpha goes on, so stay frosty out there, guardians!