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Capcom says it will release two ‘major titles’ by next March

Monster Hunter: World - Elder Dragons Trailer

Japanese game giant Capcom is currently performing well by just about any standard, with the role-playing game Monster Hunter: World shipping 8 million copies and becoming the best-selling game in the company’s history, but don’t expect new releases to slow down in the future. Capcom has two “major titles” on the way, and you’ll be able to play them within a year.

In a report on the company’s business strategies and projections, Capcom revealed that it has two major games in the works, which it expects to release before the end of fiscal year 2019. This would mean the games would launch by the end of March at the latest — Electronic Arts announced on May 8 that it is also planning to release Anthem around that time, potentially making it a crowded month for games.

Just what these games will be remains a bit of a mystery, but there are signs that one of them could be Devil May Cry 5. The unannounced game has been rumored to be in development for months, and longtime series director Hideaki Itsuno said that he is entering the “climax” phase of his current project.

A rumor posted on the gaming forum ResetEra added to this with apparent information on the game, including story and gameplay details. According to the post, the game takes place after the events of Devil May Cry 4 and could feature three playable characters, including Nero and Vergil. It will reportedly feature destructible environments, open-ended level design, and some degree of online integration, along with a 60-frames-per-second framerate and a “hard lock-on” system.

The kicker? The post also said the game would release by March 2019. If it’s true, we’ll likely find out at E3 in June.

Capcom’s other game is even farther up in the air. It has been more than three years since the release of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, so it’s possible Capcom has been developing a third installment, and we also know Capcom Vancouver has continued to work on the Dead Rising franchise. But it remains possible that the game Capcom is referring to is Mega Man 11, though that game already has a fourth quarter 2018 release window

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