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Resident Evil Village PC performance patch will fix stuttering, framerate

A fix for Resident Evil Village‘s performance issues on PC is now on the way from Capcom, but only after a report from Digital Foundry revealed that a cracked version of the game actually ran better.

Resident Evil Village PC DRM: Cracked Code Really Does Run Better - Confirmed

If you’ve been playing Resident Evil Village on PC and experiencing some weird performance issues, you’re not alone. While the game mostly performs as it’s supposed to, there are instances where its frame time spikes, causing noticeable stuttering or hitches. In some cases, this can even lead to massive frames per second drops, down from above 100 to 40 or below.

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Following a report from Digital Foundry, Capcom reached out to the video channel, saying that a fix for these issues was on the way. “The team [is] working on a patch to address PC performance issues,” says Capcom. “It should be available soon — we’ll have more details shortly.”

Digital Foundry’s report focused entirely on Resident Evil Village‘s PC performance since the game has few issues on consoles. The PC version of the game comes loaded with Denuvo DRM, a piece of anti-piracy software. However, in its testing, Digital Foundry found that without this DRM, the game ran significantly better. Frame time became consistent, ridding the game of hitches when you fire a weapon or when enemies attack.

Framerates for the game even improved, in some cases drastically. When fighting one of the game’s Maidens, who is swarming with hundreds of bugs, the regular version of Resident Evil Village sheds frames, dipping down to 30 fps from over 100. The cracked version of the game runs the same section without a single noticeable hitch.

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