Castle Crashers dev The Behemoth teases something involving hexagons?

castle crashers dev behemoth tease next game 4 teaser

The Behemoth has released a first teasing look at their fourth game in development, currently only known as Game 4. The reveal trailer drips with the developer’s signature quirky charm and hand drawn art style, but reveals very little about the gameplay itself.

The game is set after an apocalyptic event that was triggered when a gigantic, dead, six-legged space bear crashed into the Earth, throwing the world into lawlessness and mutagenic chaos. The only possible hint about the game’s genre is the fact that the video is suffused with hexagons, which video games have adopted from board games as a long-standing staple of the strategy genre.

The Behemoth first emerged from one of the primordial cauldrons of Internet culture, Newgrounds, with Alien Hominid in 2002. Never one to be rushed, the studio took six years to publish a second project, the fantastic Castle Crashers, and more recently BattleBlock Theater.

Each game has stood on its own in a different genre, but all three have been unified by a humor, innovative gameplay, and hand-drawn art–these are games made lovingly by players, for players.

“Game 4” will be playable at PAX Prime 2014  in Seattle, running from August 29 through September 1, so we will let you know as we find out more about what the game is all about.