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Cave Story creator’s Kero Blaster heads to Steam

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Kero Blaster, a side-scrolling follow-up to the landmark indie release Cave Story, is due to hit Steam in November, publisher Playism announced this week.

Previously available exclusively via Apple’s App Store and Playism’s digital storefront, Kero Blaster will join Steam’s catalog with all content featured in its most recent software update.

Kero Blaster is a pixel-art platformer that puts players in charge of fixing a series of teleporters scattered throughout the game’s world. As a gun-toting frog contractor, players clear connecting hallways of enemy characters and solve traversal puzzles using a combation of environmental items and weaponry.

Recent updates have expanded Kero Blaster‘s scope with the addition of “Zangyou” mode, which adds previously unseen levels and story sequences. Zangyou mode will be featured in the upcoming Steam release of Kero Blaster.

A free trial version of Kero Blaster titled Pink Hour was released for Windows platforms shortly before the game’s initial launch in 2014. Pink Hour offers storyline elements that expand on the events featured in Kero Blaster, and features unique gameplay segments not seen in the full game.

Prior to releasing Kero Blaster, developer Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya earned widespread acclaim for 2004’s Cave Story, a freeware PC action game that cleverly mixed gameplay concepts and mechanics from a variety of classic platformers, including Nintendo’s Metroid. The game was massively influential among the indie games community that formed in the years afterward. Cave Story was later ported to multiple platforms leading up to its Steam launch in 2011.

Cave Story eventually saw a full remake on the Nintendo 3DS as Cave Story 3D, which remixed the original game’s campaign with 3D-rendered graphics and stereoscopic effects. Adaptations of the original Cave Story are also available via the Nintendo 3DS eShop and for the Nintendo Wii via the WiiWare service.

Kero Blaster will launch via Steam on November 11th.

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