CES 2006 Profile: XaviX/SSD Company

SSD Company, developers of the Xavix XaviSport interactive sports system which uses infrared, optical and radio frequency technology to see and respond to a user’s movements, announced at CES 2006 several new titles and accessories to compliment their primary product.

For those interested in table tennis, SSD Company was showing off their XavixTableTennis application. Consisting of two table tennis paddles and a system cartridge which plugs into the XaviSport, this program allows users to play virtual table tennis against one another on screen. Swings of the table tennis paddle are recorded by the system. Options of play include match point, tournament and training.

Those more into fishing will be interested in the new XavixBassFishing program. Using the included cartridge and wireless fishing rod and reel, users can wirelessly participate in on screen bass fishing against others or solo in a “free fish” mode. Up to ten expandable fishing spots, ranging from mountain lakes to city canals, can be chosen from as players compete successfully in fishing tournaments.

Other new offerings for the XaviSport system include a health and fitness management application as well as new wireless replacement controllers for existing applications.