New screens and a release date for Gabriel Knight creator’s Moebius: Empire Rising

We’ve been following Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen’s work for some time, ever since she stepped back into gaming with a Kickstarter bid to launch her studio, Pinkerton Road. Jensen has big plans for Pinkerton, spanning multiple games, and the first of those is Moebius: Empire Rising. The adventure game, which is actually a collaboration between Jensen and Phoenix Online Publishing, now has a release date: April 15, 2014. That’s when it’ll be available for Mac/PC, with Linux and iPad/Android tablet versions coming at a later point in 2014.

Moebius is Jensen’s first adventure game since 2010’s Gray Matter and the first she’s overseen completely since 1999’s Sierra On-Line release, Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned. The story follows antiquities dealer Malachi Rector to Venice, Italy for a U.S. government-sponsored $50,000 gig “to determine whether a recently-murdered woman resembles any particular figure in history.” Danger follows Rector and his bodyguard, former spec ops soldier David Walker, at every turn. The story is said to be modeled after more recent takes on Sherlock Holmes and James Bond. Sounds like a good time for spycraft-loving fans of the adventure game genre.

Along with the release date, Pinkerton and Phoenix released a whole mess of new screens, all of which you can scroll through up top.