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‘Cities: Skylines’ makes its console debut on Xbox One with ‘After Dark’ content

Cities: Skylines - Xbox One Reveal Trailer
Paradox Interactive is bringing its hit city-management strategy game Cities: Skylines to consoles for the first time with an Xbox One port launching this spring.

The upcoming Xbox One version of the game will also include all content from Cities: Skylines — After Dark, a post-release expansion that adds a variety of new structures, construction options, and gameplay features.

Cities: Skylines emerged as a popular favorite among fans of city-building strategy games upon its release in 2015, and effectively served as a replacement for Electronic Arts’ disappointing SimCity reboot that launched in 2013. Promising “a modern take on the classic city simulation,” the game allows players to build and manage a bustling metropolis while guiding its expansion in the fields of industry, residential housing, and commerce.

In addition to offering a realistic simulation of city economics, Cities: Skylines simulates real-world traffic conditions, challenging players to solve transportation problems by establishing taxi services and bus lines. Amateur city designers also have to grapple with issues regarding education, law enforcement, health care, and public utilities, adding depth to each gameplay session.

An expansion, After Dark, premiered shortly after the initial launch 2015. The expansion introduced a day-night cycle, along with additional options like airports, cargo hubs, and commercial areas specifically suited for leisure activities and tourist destinations.

Cities: Skylines was especially popular on Valve’s Steam platform in the months after its launch, and fans have since produced thousands of custom-built maps, mods, and scenarios via its included Steam Workshop support. Currently, there’s no word as to whether the Xbox One port will offer similar options regarding community-made content.

The Xbox One version will launch later this spring.

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