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Civilization 7 finally announced, but you’ll have to wait for more info

Sid Meier’s Civilization VII - Official Teaser Trailer
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Civilization 7 will conquer your game time soon. The latest in the iconic turn-based 4X strategy franchise was announced by developer Firaxis Games during Summer Game Fest on Friday.

The studio showed off a cinematic teaser trailer that didn’t feature any in-game footage, but showed iconic world leaders and locations from The Great Sphinx of Giza to U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. There will be a full reveal in August, and it’ll be coming to PC and consoles at launch, which is currently set for sometime in 2025.

The announcement wasn’t a huge surprise. Friday morning users on Reddit and Resetera noticed that a banner for Civilization 7 had appeared on the 2K homepage. It was quickly taken down, although was still immortalized via quickly taken screenshots.

2K had also previously announced that it would be making a big announcement at Summer Game Fest. A post via the SGF X (formerly Twitter) account read that the company was going to reveal the next game in one of its “biggest and most beloved franchises.”

Civilization 6 was released in 2016, so a new entry in the franchise was long overdue. However, the sixth entry has been receiving a lot of support since initial launch, with mobile ports, a Switch version, and multiple major updates and expansions. Take-Two Interactive confirmed in 2023 that Civilization 7 was in development in a press release that revealed Heather Hazer would be the new studio head at Firaxis Games while announcing Marvel’s Midnight Suns creative director Josh Solomon would be departing. The game will also be led by Ed Beach, who led the design of Civilization 6.

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