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Crysis 4 teased with a graphics card-melting trailer

German developer Crytek announced Crysis 4 out of the blue this morning, posting a strange, extensively detailed video on both YouTube and Twitter.

Crysis 4 (Working Title) Announcement

Anyone who watched the video and didn’t think it had anything to do with a new Crysis title couldn’t be blamed. It’s a mishmash of impressive visual effects, like hyperrealistic lighting, and a ridiculously high number of particle effects.

The strange video seemingly alludes to the Nanosuit players wear throughout the Crysis franchise to turn invisible and throw cars around like toy blocks. The video ends with the number four appearing ominously on screen, along with the tagline “Join the journey. Become the hero.”

A post on Crytek’s website further detailed the upcoming Crysis title. According to the developer, Crysis 4 is “in the early stages of development” so other updates on the game will be few and far between. However, the developer quickly shot down any chance of the game arriving on last-gen consoles by calling it “a truly next-gen shooter.”

Considering the Crysis franchise’s reputation for pushing even high-end computers to their limits, current-gen exclusivity shouldn’t be a surprise. The phrase “but can it run Crysis?” has become familiar to PC gaming enthusiasts.

Anyone who wants to catch up on the Crysis franchise before Crysis 4 drops can play through the original trilogy in Crysis Remastered, although time likely won’t be a huge factor. Today’s announcement is seemingly also a recruiting effort on Crytek’s part. The blog post goes on to advertise that Crytek currently has positions open, and looking at the long list on the developer’s career website, there are a lot of seats to fill.

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