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Conan O'Brian and Kate Upton are clueless at playing 'Cuphead'

Retro-style run-and-gun game Cuphead was originally announced more than three years ago but has undergone several delays and feature changes that have kept it out of the hands of eager players. That’s about to change, and to celebrate, human peanut butter-covered marshmallow Conan O’Brien tried it out on his Clueless Gamer show.

Joined by supermodel Kate Upton, Conan begins his time with the game by, naturally, sitting down for a fancy dinner, complete with champagne, candles, and a violinist.

Conan and Kate then jump into cooperative play, blasting away at a giant potato that continuously spits dirt in their direction. Kate is able to avoid getting hit longer than Conan, and they then switch to a segment taking place on a roller coaster track. The background in this area is just breathtaking, with a dark sky overlooking a Ferris wheel and several tents on the ground. A slowly spinning ride then drops down and begins attacking the two, with baseballs hurling in all directions — this prompts Kate to remind Conan that she’s engaged to Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.

Next, Kate and Conan make their way into a theater and begin battling giant boxing frogs, because that is something a 1930s animated film was almost required to have. After struggling more in cooperative play, the two eventually decide to share a controller and are finally able to beat the level.

Cuphead originally began its life as a “boss rush” side-scrolling shooter that didn’t feature any platforming sections, but these were later added in order to provide players with a richer experience. In addition to its old-school animation style, the game features on-screen imperfections that replicate film, including dust particles and cigarette burns.

Conan’s Clueless Gamer previously featured actor Will Arnett and the Nintendo Switch game Arms. Naturally, Arnett pummeled Conan into oblivion. Other recent episodes include For Honor with Tom Brady and Dwight Freeney, Battlefield 1 with Terry Crews, and Final Fantasy XV with Elijah Wood.

O’Brien erroneously said that Cuphead would be available in September exclusively for Xbox One, but it will also be available on PC. The game will not be releasing on PlayStation 4.

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