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Cyberpunk 2077 relationship guide

One of the promises of creating your own character and jumping into the world of Cyberpunk 2077 was the ability to form deep and meaningful relationships in between the shootouts, hacking, and dozens of other activities available to distract you from the main story. The developers at CD Projekt Red made it a point to highlight just how customizable your character can be beyond just the simple male or female options, but we were left mostly in the dark in terms of how that would actually impact the game, if at all.

There are dozens of characters in Night City for you to get to know and interact with, but you can only have deep relationships with some. Others remain just as friends, associates, or nothing more than a quest giver. There are some that, if you’re willing to invest the time and effort into, can be more than just friends. Who you pick, or don’t, can even alter the game’s conclusion. Here’s the breakdown on which characters are open to starting a relationship and how you can win them over in Cyberpunk 2077.

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Relationships vs. Just a good time

Cyberpunk 2077 review
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Right off the bat, we need to distinguish the difference between a real relationship and a … more casual encounter shall we say. If you just want to hook up with a non-consequential character and see a quick sex scene, all you need is a bit of cash to spare and a willing partner. You can solicit plenty of these types in places like Jig-Jig Street in the Japan town part of the Westbrook region in Night City for a wide selection of them. They even have their own icon on your map, designated the Joytoy icon, designated by an image of an imprint of a kiss. You have your choice of male and female partners who are all willing to show you a good time for the right price.

Relationships are the real deal. These characters are usually more involved in the story, have deeper personalities, and will take some time to actually bond with before anything romantic develops between you. They are also impacted by your choices to the point where you need to be careful not to either miss out or mess up the opportunity to start a relationship with certain characters. Also, keep in mind that how you made your character at the start of the game will also limit your romantic options. Some will only be attracted to either male or female body types regardless of your actions.

Who you can woo

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Out of the main cast, there are four primary characters you can have a relationship with. Not only does your choice, or lack thereof, of romantic partner change certain scenes, but it can also impact which ending you get. Most of what you want to pay attention to when trying to start a romance with your character of choice is going to be in the dialogue options you have with them in key moments and making sure to take on missions that forward their storylines.

River – Only available for female characters

River Ward is a slightly unique romantic option for you since he isn’t a part of the main campaign at all. If you happen to skip out on the side quest that introduces him, that’s it. You just won’t get the chance to start a relationship with him. The quest you want to keep an eye out for, if you’re playing as a female character and fancy River, is I Fought the Law. You’ll automatically be given this quest so you don’t need to go out searching for it.

Don’t worry when River doesn’t make an appearance in the first part of this quest. Just keep progressing the story and you’ll encounter him, and later he’ll offer you the quest The Hunt. Do this quest right away if you want to begin forming a relationship. During this quest, you’ll have the objective of saving a person named Randy by tracking him down to the correct farm. Just fully complete the Braindance River gives you. The location you will end up with is Edgewood, so head straight there and make sure to save Randy. Once it’s all done, pick the obvious romantic dialogue choice.

After finishing The Hunt, wait for River to contact you again with the final step in his story called Following the River. It should be obvious here, but just continue choosing the romantic options, including kissing River whenever given the chance, and seal the deal by choosing to be in a committed relationship.

Judy – Only available for female characters

One of the first major characters to the plot you meet, Judy Alvarez first appears in the prologue along with Evelyn. After this early section of the game ends, and you’re free to do as you wish in Night City, give Judy a call as soon as you can. It’s technically optional, so don’t forget to do it. Judy is also only looking for a female partner, so you’re out of luck here if you went with a male character.

There are a ton of side quests related to Judy and you’ll want to do them all. None of them will impact your relationship until you hit the one titled Pisces. During this quest, you need to make sure and refuse Maiko’s plan and payment to stay on Judy’s good side. From there just keep on doing her jobs and wait for the final quest in the chain called Pyramid Song. When Judy asks if you want to dive and stay together, you should obviously accept. The following morning, find her on the docks and tell her that the previous night was “the beginning of something special” when prompted. This will lock in your relationship with Judy.

Panam — Only available for male characters

Another major player in the story of Cyberpunk 2077 you can romance is Panam Palmer. You first meet her during the mission Life During Wartime, and despite having a few early dialogue choices that show your romantic interest, she will always ignore them. Just like Judy, the only way to win her over is to take on her quest chain. Starting with the first quest she offers, Riders on the Storm, just keep choosing all the flirty dialogue choices you get. While speaking to Saul in the With a Little Help from my Friends quest, make sure to not tell him about Panam’s plan or ever mention you’re only helping her for the money.

Once you finally reach the Queen of the Highway mission in Panam’s chain you will get the opportunity to enter a romantic relationship. Make sure to accept her offer to synchronize and kiss her after the quest concludes.

Kerry – Only available for male characters

Last up for you male characters is Kerry. He’s introduced as you follow along with Johnny’s quests and are eventually lead to break into his house. While not the best introduction, your chances aren’t ruined here. Once again, it’s time to take on some side quests.

Follow Kerry’s story until you start the Off the Leash job and be sure to choose all flirtatious dialogue choices. Next, during Boat Drinks, choose the option to attempt to kiss Kerry. After this encounter plays out you are given the choice to continue your relationship together or leave it as a one-night stand.

Minor flings

Aside from the four main romance options and the Joytoys, there are three other unique not-quite-romance options in the game. Two of them take place during the main story where you relive one romantic encounter through Johnny’s memories, and the other where you can allow Johnny to use your body to do the deed. The other is a little more interesting. You will meet a woman named Meredith Stout in a very early mission called The Pickup.

You can have a one night fling with her if you want by taking Militech’s side during the quest and using her corrupted shard as payment in a key moment. She will make contact with you later on and invite you to a hotel for a good time, but nothing more.

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