Until Dawn is the best ‘Dumbass Horror Victim Simulator’ we’ve ever seen

Supermassive Games appears to have something unique in Until Dawn, a long-in-development horror game that aims to drop players into their very own schlocky slasher gorefest. See it for yourself in this new trailer, revealed at the 2014 Game Awards. Would you run? Hide under the bed? Throw the puny ceramic vase at an approaching masked madman? It probably doesn’t matter! You’re toast anyway!

Until Dawn has seen numerous transformations since it was first announced as a hype platform for Sony’s Move controllers on PlayStation 3, but its latest — and likely final — iteration, coming to both PS3 and PlayStation 4, seems to finally have its voice dialed in. It’s one that seems to draw from both the artful user interface of Quantic Dreams games like Beyond: Two Souls and the tension-raising clunky controls of the original Resident Evil.

Supermassive injects some fresh ideas of its own as well, with an ensemble cast of “stars” (victims) in a multi-threaded plotline that changes based on how you play. How many of us have pondered what we would do if dropped into a horror movie? That’s what the studio is going for. Would you do the smart thing or would you hide under the bed and whimper like a moron? Would it even matter? Find out when Until Dawn comes to PlayStation in summer 2015.

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