Dead Rising 3 DLC continues with the release of ‘Fallen Angel’

Fallen Angel, the second DLC story add-on (of four) for Dead Rising 3 is out today. This comes as a surprise of basically everyone since there was no word of a release date until now. Players step into the role of Angel Quijano, an infected “illegal” – one who hasn’t submitted to being chipped and tracked by the government – who fights to protect a group of survivors from zombies and a government plot “while battling her own demons.” The add-on includes one new mission, a new outfit, a new vehicle (burger truck!), and an assortment of new weapons (dual-wielded SMGs!).

The previous add-on, Operation Broken Eagle, sent players after the zombie hordes as Special Forces operative Adam Kane. All four of the content packs in the “Untold Stories of Los Perdidos” collection focus on a new character, though any new weapons, outfits, and the like carry over to your main game save. The same goes for character progression; your experience level from your main game save applies to the DLC characters, and any levels earned in the DLC carries back over to the main save. Each content pack costs $9.99, but you can buy/pre-buy all four in a Season Pass bundle for $29.99.

We didn’t dislike Operation Broken Eagle, but it felt in many ways like a step back from some of the best bits of Dead Rising 3. None of these DLC packs support co-op play, for example. The length was also an issue. It’s not just that Adam Kane’s mission was short; it also suffered from some of the same tedium that we found in the late game of Dead Rising 3. Too many “go here, do that, and mind the zombies” tasks. Hopefully, the benefit of more development time allows for a bit more variety in Fallen Angel.