‘Dead Rising 3’ Season Pass explores the new zombie-infested city

dead rising 3 season pass explores untold stories los perdidos

The Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 will receive enough downloadable content to justify its $29.99 Season Pass. Buying the pass as opposed to purchasing the DLC individually amounts to a 25-percent savings off the four planned $9.99 releases (plus a small bonus piece of content). The first content pack is set to launch in December 2013, with the rest to follow at unspecified points in 2014.

The press release merely notes that each of the packs will “explore the untold stories of [the game’s urban setting] Los Perdidos.” They’ll add new playable characters, new missions, new weapons, and more. Here’s the lineup of titles, in order of release: Operation Broken EagleFallen AngelChaos Rising, and The Last Agent. Those that purchase the Season Pass also receive the “Nick Ramos Tribute Pack,” which includes a custom muscle car and a “battle-hardened Nick Ramos” costume.

Capcom launches Dead Rising 3 on November 22, 2013 as a launch title for the Xbox One hits stores. It’s the first properly new story for the series since 2010’s Dead Rising 2. A spinoff titled Dead Rising 2: Off the Record was released in 2011, revisiting the Las Vegas-like location from DR2, only replacing protagonist Chuck Greene with Frank West, hero of the series’ first game. It tells a different story, but it’s a “what if?” scenario. DR3 is the next full step forward forward for the series, and fans are no doubt wondering how the lore built up in the previous two games will factor into this latest adventure.

We haven’t gotten a peek at DR3 since our hands-off demo at E3 2013, but we liked what we saw there. There’s a grittier, more realistic flavor to the visual presentation, but that’s coupled with the same focus on zany costumes and bizarre “combo” weapons. A few new features, such as bottomless weapons lockers and a neat, story-pegged take on second-screen gameplay, evolve the basic formula of causing chaos in a giant world filled with zombies.