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Game Pass adding Resident Evil 7, losing Red Dead Redemption 2

Microsoft announced the latest batch of games coming to its Game Pass service, and while some heavy-hitters are joining the subscription service over the next few weeks, a few major titles will be leaving in September.

The biggest addition is Resident Evil 7, which will be available on PC and Xbox One on September 3. In our review, we called Capcom’s survival horror game “tense, gory, hilarious, and scary in all the right ways.”

Microsoft Flight Simulator landed on the service earlier today, giving PC owners a taste of the open skies.

A pair of titles that popped up in Tuesday’s Nintendo’s Indies broadcast are coming as well. Spiritfarer, a death-positive management game that’s receiving rave reviews, is available today on PC and console. Last year’s psychedelic, ’90s OS simulator Hypnospace Outlaw is coming on August 27.

Other standouts include the first chapter of Dontnod’s Life is Strange follow-up Tell Me Why and the upcoming Battletoads remake, which will launch on PC and Xbox One on August 20.

This time around, none of the games offered are exclusive to Xbox One. Most of the new titles will be available for both PC and console subscribers. Crossing Souls, Darksiders: Genesis, and Crusader Kings III will only be available on PC.

Despite the influx of new titles, some major games are leaving the service soon. Most notably, Red Dead Redemption 2 will leave consoles on September 7. Rockstar’s Wild West epic only joined the service back in May.

NBA 2K20 will no longer be available to Xbox One owners on September 1, while Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 HD leaves at the end of the month. Subscribers can still purchase the games for 20% off until they leave the service.

Microsoft continues to ramp up the value proposition for Game Pass ahead of the Xbox Series X launch. Earlier this month, the company announced that Project xCloud will be available to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers starting September 15. The cloud service will launch with over 100 games, including Destiny 2 and Minecraft Dungeons.

Check out our list of the best games currently available on Xbox Game Pass to decide what to play on the service next.

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