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You can get Death Stranding for free right now on PC. Here’s how

Death Stranding is currently free on PC via the Epic Games Store. Players have until May 25 to claim their copy before another mystery game is available for free.

Epic Games Store has a long history of giving out games for free. Just last month, it gave away copies of Dying Light: Enhanced Edition over Easter weekend. Death Stranding, which usually retails for $30 on Epic Games Store, is a particularly big freebie, so you’ll want to make sure you claim a copy while you can.

To get your PC copy, head over to the Epic Games Store. Scroll down to the Free Games section of the app or website and click on Death Stranding. All you have to do from there is click “Get,” sign in with an account, and that’s it. There’s no catch or strings attached — unless you’re not a fan of using Epic’s launcher.

Note that only the base edition of Death Stranding is available for free. Its Director’s Cut, which features additional content, is not free. However, it is discounted to $24 (down from $40) at the moment. That sale ends on June 15, so you’ll have more time if you want to capitalize on that.

The giveaway comes at a great time. Hideo Kojima recently revealed at last year’s Game Awards that he’s working on Death Stranding 2. We don’t know much about the sequel yet, but now’s as good a time as any to catch up on the original so you’re ready when it launches.

Death Stranding is available for free on Epic Games Store until May 25 at 11 a.m. (the site does not specify what time zone that’s for).

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