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You can get Dying Light: Enhanced Edition for free this weekend

The Epic Games Store is celebrating Easter weekend with some free games. From now until Thursday, April 13, players can get Dying Light: Enhanced Edition for free on PC.

Dying Light is a 2015 first-person survival game that has players killing zombies and parkouring around a city. The Enhanced Edition features extra content, including its 2016 expansion Dying Light: The Following. It’s a well-timed freebie considering that it was developed by Dead Island developer Techland, and a sequel to that game launches in just a few weeks (though it’s being handled by Dambuster Studios).

Usually, the action game retails for $30 on the Epic Games Store, but players can currently claim it for free. To do so, simply open the Epic Games Store client and scroll down to see a row of free games. Click on Dying Light: Enhanced Edition and click “get” to add it to your account.

You’ll have until 11 a.m. ET on Thursday, April 13 to claim it, so don’t sleep on it.

The Epic Games Store has a few more freebies in store for April as well. You can also grab Shapez right now, a 2022 puzzle game that has players building a minimalist factory out of shapes. That $10 game is free until April 13 as well.

Looking ahead, two multiplayer games will be available for free once those deals expire. The first is Morhau, a medieval slasher that features up to 80-player battles. The other is Second Extinction, a co-op dinosaur shooter that currently costs $25. Both will be free starting on April 13 until April 20.

Once you’re done with Dying Light: Enhanced Edition, check out our review of its 2022 sequel, which we praised for its parkour exploration but weren’t as high on its overly talkative NPCs.

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