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Bungie takes wraps off ‘Raid Lairs’ during ‘Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris’ stream

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Opening Cinematic
Destiny 2 has gotten off to a much better start than its predecessor, but as longtime Guardians know, the Destiny experience is nothing without a steady stream of new content and experiences. We’re coming up fast on the first Destiny 2 expansion, with Curse of Osiris scheduled to launch December 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While we knew the general premise of the game’s first expansion, Bungie offered more details during its Curse of Osiris full reveal event on November 15.

While Guardians were running through the campaign, “past and future” machines flocked to an ancient gate on Mercury to create an army with the goal of restructuring the entire universe as they see fit. Osiris, a sporadically mentioned banished Vanguard member, once predicted this event, so Ikora sends you on your way to seek his assistance.

Bungie expanded on the cryptic “past and future” machines by debuting Curse of Osiris‘ main new area, the Infinite Forest (shown in the video above). The Infinite Forest is a simulation built by the Vex to explore both the past and future in search of the information that will help these machines gain control the universe. As such, it’s a constantly changing environment filled with enemies, and a whole lot of barren terrain. Osiris is said to be trying to stop the Vex from using the ancient gate.

As reported by IGN, three of Curse of Osiris’ eight missions will take place inside the Infinite Forest.

Bungie also detailed new raid content, which will launch shortly after Curse of Osiris. It’s not actually a new raid, though. The mode, called “Raid Lair,” uses Leviathan (Destiny 2‘s first raid) but reworks it with a brand-new set of puzzles and enemies — including a different final boss. Bungie claims that Raid Lairs, which will ultimately shift and rework previously traveled raids, will be released on a quicker basis than all-new raids. A prestige version of the first Raid Lair will also be made available at a later date.

Leading up to Curse of Osiris‘ December 5 launch, Bungie will host two additional events to outline some of the new content, one on November 22 and the last on November 29.

Curse of Osiris will be available to those who bought Destiny 2‘s $35 season pass. The pass also includes the second expansion, which is expected to arrive next spring. It’s unclear if players will be able to purchase Curse of Osiris individually, but the original game’s season pass had the same price, with each of the two expansions priced at $20 as stand-alone purchases.

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Updated on 11-15-2017 by Steven Petite with details from the Curse of Osiris stream

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