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Prestige Leviathan Raid arrives in ‘Destiny 2,’ and some have already beaten it

destiny 2 prestige levithan raid castellum
Destiny 2‘s Prestige Leviathan raid is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Bungie announced on Wednesday, October 18, through its official Twitter account.

The Prestige raid is now live. Good luck! We will be watching.

— Bungie (@Bungie) October 18, 2017

Like hard mode raids across the original game’s lifespan, the prestige raid increases the challenge of the already difficult Leviathan raid. In prestige mode, the Leviathan raid reportedly doesn’t have many mechanical changes to encounters, but enemies are tougher — perhaps much tougher. To enter the original raid, players needed to have at least a 260 power level (270 was recommended). For the prestige raid, though, Bungie recommends Guardians be at the power level cap of 300 (a 305 power level is possible with mods attached to gear).

The prestige raid was originally scheduled to go live October 10, but an exploit that would have curbed the difficulty forced Bungie to push it back it back. Since the raid is said to be so challenging, Bungie didn’t expect widespread success.

However, just over an hour after the raid went live, the World First for Prestige Leviathan was completed by a fireteam from Clan Redeem. The one-hour, six-minute mark bested the next best fireteam by four minutes. Clan Redeem previously completed Destiny‘s Rise of Iron raid Wrath of the Machine first, clocking in at approximately two hours.

The initial Leviathan Raid was completed in just under six hours, which means the Prestige raid was thwarted much faster than the original. It’s not wholly unsurprising that it took less time considering that those who are familiar with the raid know what to do already but completing a raid in around an hour is still a mind-boggling feat.

Successful Prestige raid runners earn unique rewards to mark their accomplishment. When the raid was initially completed, a new PvP map unlocked for all players. Bungie hasn’t said if any new content will become available for all players following the completion of the prestige raid.

If you haven’t yet tackled the Leviathan raid, make sure to check out our detailed walkthrough.

A new swath of Guardians will enter Bungie’s shared world shooter come next week when the PC version of Destiny 2 launches October 24. To see if your PC can handle the first-person shooter, check out the official system requirements.

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