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Destiny 2’s next season brings old and new strikes, familiar foes to the game

Destiny 2‘s next season is called Season of the Chosen, and it’s bringing both new and old content to the game. The looter shooter’s 13th season adds action-packed three strikes to the game, as well as a story centered around the Cabal.

Season of the Chosen runs from February 9 to May 11 and will stagger content throughout the season. A new trailer previews the latest chapter of the story, which features a war against Empress Caiatl, the daughter of the sequel’s first major villain, Calus.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Season of the Chosen Trailer

The biggest news is that three strikes are coming to the game. Both the Devil’s Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R. strikes are returning from the original Destiny, and a new Cabal strike called Proving Ground will come deeper into the season. New strikes have been virtually nonexistent in Destiny 2 since the Shadowkeep expansion released in 2019.

The season also adds a new activity called Battlegrounds to the mix. While details aren’t fully clear, Bungie describes it as a three-player matchmade activity that pits Guardians against Cabal enemies. The activity will be free for all Destiny 2 players, regardless of whether or not they have the season pass.

The expansion brings lots of new loot to the game, including weapons and armor. The standout seasonal exotic this time around is Ticuu’s Divination, a bow that shoots multiple, tracking solar shots at once. More than 25 new weapons will be added to the game’s loot pool in total.

The Guardian Games will return as part of the season. The annual Olympic-themed event, which usually brings more gear to the game, will be free for all Destiny 2 players.

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