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Bungie will reveal the latest on new ‘Destiny 2’ content next week

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Bungie will reveal Destiny 2‘s second-year content in a Twitch stream at 9 a.m. PT on June 5, the studio announced on Friday, June 1. Bungie community manager DeeJ will be on hand with game director Steve Cotton and project lead Scott Taylor, which suggests that Bungie could drop some major news.

Destiny 2 turns one year old in September, so the brunt of the content discussed on the stream will be a few months away. With Destiny 2‘s first two, relatively small, expansions in the rearview mirror, the stream seems like the natural time to announce the next major expansion. If you remember, The Taken King launched right at the one-year mark of the original game’s launch. The Taken King was a much more substantial experience than Destiny‘s first two expansions, effectively changing the entire makeup of the game. Although we know next to nothing about the expansion, we do know it will include a brand new gameplay mode.

Activision previously said a full reveal of Destiny 2‘s expansion would come at E3 — probably during Sony’s press conference — but with the stream coming directly before the start of the big expo, it seems plausible that we will at least get a brief glimpse of what’s to come ahead of E3.

Bungie will update the developer roadmap during the stream as well. As of now, the start of year two is slated to bring gear collections, records, weapon slot changes and new customizations, along with new game modes.

In the meantime, there is still new Destiny content to look forward to in year one. In July, Bungie will roll out the Solstice of Heroes Seasonal Event, new bounties, PC clan text chat, year one triumphs, and exotic armor changes. The biggie in terms of gameplay content that should still arrive before year two are prestige raid lairs for the game’s first two expansions.

Destiny 2 had an interesting first year, to say the least. Even though the base game was considered by most to be significantly better than the original, both Curse of Osiris and Warmind felt comparatively weak. Hopefully, the fall expansion will get Destiny 2 back on the right track.

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