Destiny dev gifts unreleased gun to a fan who is using the game for brain surgery therapy

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The team at Bungie has reached out to a Destiny fan who is using the game as part of his post-brain surgery recovery process, giving him an as-yet-unreleased exotic weapon to play with. Bungie community manager Deej sent a care package that included The Fate of All Fools, a scout rifle that will be available to community at large in upcoming downloadable content, after seeing the story posted online.

Eric, a fan of Bungie since the original Halo,  has undergone seven brain surgeries over the last year. Much to his delight, the neurologist suggested that playing games would be therapeutic in the recovery of his memory and mental response. Eric’s wife reached out to the Reddit community to share the game’s positive impact on his life and to ask for players willing to be a little patient playing with him.

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The immediate community response was overwhelming, as shared by Eric’s wife on Reddit the following day. Players have been organizing regular raid groups to play with him. She noted that Bungie took notice of Eric’s situation, which is when Deej contacted them about the weapon.

If you are interested in joining Eric for some fun, his PSN name, shared on Reddit, is Trifecta01.