Destiny is getting busier with new late-game content on the way

destiny getting busier new late game content way guardians

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Bungie has announced some exciting new events coming to Destiny in the next few weeks, making good on its promise to deliver endgame content for those players that grabbed the game at its September 9 release and proceeded to immediately fight their way to the game’s level 20 cap.

This weekend, September 12 to 14, you can take part in the intense, 3v3 battles of Salvage. Struggle for control over valuable relics on small and medium maps for the promise of Crucible gear, marks, and reputation. Starting on September 16, advanced guardians will be able to open the Vault of Glass, a level 26 raid deep beneath the surface of Venus, where terrible forces are stirring. Later in September, you will be able to pilot the machines of war in Combined Arms and face the Queen’s Wrath, which have been teased with few details. October will bring the chance for bloody glory under the Iron Banner.

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The developer promises even more surprises in the coming weeks, including the arrival of mysterious characters at The Tower and a greater frequency of Public Events springing up in popular locations.

We’ve been greatly enjoying Destiny so far, and will share a full review by next week after diving into the endgame content.