Destiny trailer offers a broad overview of how the online shooter action works

destiny trailer offers broad overview online shooter action works

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Bungie’s Destiny launches a new chapter for the former Halo studio on September 9, and this new trailer takes a broad look at what’s to come when the game hits PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The two-minute look is heavy on gameplay — PlayStation 4 footage — and light on depth. As the trailer’s “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW” title suggests, the idea here is to give a sense of the full picture.

The sense that we get here is of massively multiplayer Halo-y game. It’s impossible to escape comparisons with Bungie’s earlier effort being that they’re both sci-fi settings. There’s definitely something more chaotic about what we’ve seen of Destiny so far, however. Lots and lots of players piling into a shared space, taking their shared aggressions out on armies of jerk aliens.

We’ll be seeing plenty more of the game soon, what with E3 just a few weeks away. This new trailer should tide you over until then. And don’t forget: there’s still an opportunity to check out the game early in its planned beta.