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‘Deus Ex Go’ players can design maps using new level editing and sharing functionality

deus ex go puzzle maker rolls out on ios android this week deusgopuzzlemaker
Deus Ex Go players can experience the game from a designer’s perspective later this week with the launch of Puzzle Maker, a free level-design toolkit that allows users to build their own custom maps and share them with friends.

The upcoming addition marks the first time that a level editor has been featured in a Go series game, and this week’s update fulfills a longstanding request from fans of the cross-franchise mobile puzzler series.

Like its predecessors Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go, Deus Ex Go is a turn-based puzzle game presented in the style of a tabletop board game. Taking control of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided star Adam Jensen, players must carefully traverse dozens of included levels filled with deadly enemies and hazards.

Though it features gameplay elements from recent Deus Ex series releases for consoles and PCs, Deus Ex Go scales back the experience and repurposes its assets to suit a mobile interface. Traps and enemies can turn or change position with every step taken, requiring players to adopt a stealthy, measured approach in order to survive each level.

Deus Ex Go‘s turn-based setup is ripe for user customization, and fans have long requested level editors for inclusion in past Go series releases. The upcoming Puzzle Maker feature will answer these requests with easy-to-follow blueprints that provide the basic building blocks of level structure, though players will need to devise their own traps and puzzles before uploading their creations for the world to see.

Publisher Square Enix revealed that popular user creations will be featured in Deus Ex Go‘s Daily Challenge mode, and players who wish to browse the game’s selection of custom levels will receive suggestions based on quality.

“The Puzzle Maker provides a whole new way to appreciate the Go series from another perspective, as well as community generated content, curated by the players’ play data,” Square Enix notes in a press release issued this week. “The Square Enix Montreal team created an algorithm to make sure that players always receive suggestions for content of the highest quality.”

Deus Ex Go‘s Puzzle Maker feature will roll out as part of a free update launching across Android and iOS devices on November 24.

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