Don’t Starve Together embraces cooperative survival on Steam Early Access starting Dec. 15

dont starve together embraces cooperative survival steam early access starting december 15 don t

Don’t Starve Together, the long-requested cooperative multiplayer expansion to Klei Entertainment’s hit survival game Don’t Starve, is finally coming to Steam early access on December 15, according to a new site from the developer. The expansion allows multiple players, in either closed or public games, to collaborate or compete for survival under the looming threat of the game’s eponymous starvation, among countless other dangers.

People who own the game and want an early taste of the multiplayer will be able to purchase a Frontier Pack for $5, which includes an extra copy of the base game and two copies of Don’t Starve Together, encouraging fans to spread the game to their friends. Frontier Packs cost $20 for those that don’t already own the game. As announced in May, Don’t Starve Together will still be a free download for anyone that owns the original game when it launches in full. It will also be available for $15 as a standalone for new players, just like Don’t Starve currently does.

A development roadmap posted in Klei’s forum points toward the game’s future, with a major content update focused on multiplayer coming to the game in Spring 2015. One exciting tidbit included is a GIF of a character sneaking up on a sleeping beefalo, saddling it, and riding wildly until getting bucked off. Can the mighty beefalo be tamed and used for more than just fertilizer production and wolf protection?