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Tencent Games announces mobile-optimized Don’t Starve: Newhome

Don't Starve: Newhome - Official Cinematic Trailer

Gaming company Tencent just announced Don’t Starve: Newhome, the next free-to-play mobile entry in the prolific Don’t Starve franchise.

Developed by Shengqu Games and published by Tencent Games, Don’t Starve: Newhome will expand upon the foundation previous Don’t Starve iterations laid out. The new release will also bump up the survival gameplay mechanics and Don’t Starve’s multiplayer component.

Newhome goes into a closed beta phase next month, which players can sign up for on its website. However, Tencent did not give a release date for the new game, so it’s unclear when a full version will come out.

The next installment in the franchise aims to keep the cartoonish art style while adding a new campaign mode and gameplay mechanics fit for mobile devices, including new co-op multiplayer gameplay and a revamped progression system. Don’t Starve: Newhome looks to bring improvements on the well-liked formula, as is the case with most game sequels. The game doesn’t seek to shake things up entirely but instead refine the series formula in a mobile format for free-to-play audiences.

Previously, 2013’s Don’t Starve was first released on PC, with a PS4 version that came out in 2014 and an Xbox One version in 2015. Don’t Starve later launched on iOS in 2015 and Android devices in 2016. Since the original game’s 2013 release, the series has sold over 20 million copies, according to Tencent.

Crafting remains a huge part of Newhome. However, the game will include a wider variety of crafting options and enable players to construct homes, expanding on 2013’s Don’t Starve base building. Newhome also adds new enemy types, though Tencent did not mention any specific additions where this is concerned.

Newhome presents a likely mobile hit for Tencent and Shengqu. Don’t Starve is often considered one of the best survival games with considerable replay value and DLC, including Don’t Starve: Reign of GiantsDon’t Starve TogetherDon’t Starve: Shipwrecked, and Don’t Starve Mega Pack. The series has sold over 20 million copies, so its popularity precedes it. Don’t Starve: Newhome looks to continue the series’ profound success.

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