Don’t worry, Peter Dinklage’s Destiny voiceover wasn’t final

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In the latest weekly update from Bungie, community manager Eric “urk” Osborne finally put an end to fretting that Destiny players would be stuck with an underwhelming performance from Peter Dinklage as their AI companion Ghost. Urk confirms that the voiceover has already been updated for the upcoming beta, and will be altered once more before the final release on September 9.

The Game of Thrones actor’s uninspired deadpan in the public alpha became a subject of wide derision, with one line in particular quickly ascending to meme status:

The Q&A also addresses whether the game actually cost a record-setting $500 million to produce, reiterating Bungie COO Peter Parsons’ comments to GameIndustry International that the figure has been overblown and speaks more to Bungie and Activision’s long-term investment in the brand

Finally, as an appetite-whetting morsel of new content, urk shared a list of PlayStation Trophies and Xbox Achievements that will be available in the game. Check out the post for the full list of Trophies/Achievements, along with some clarifying details about how the upcoming beta will work.

Destiny will be arriving on Xbox and PlayStation consoles this September 9.