Double Fine’s Kickstarter hit ‘Broken Age’ features Jack Black, Jennifer Hale

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Double Fine Productions’ successful Kickstarter bid Broken Age (formerly known as Double Fine Adventure), is now home to some notable voice talents, including Brutal Legend star Jack Black and video game everywoman Jennifer Hale. The developer revealed the casting news during its weekend PAX Prime panel in a video that unveiled all of the key voice talents. The cast is filled out by a number of Double Fine vets, including Richard Horvitz (Psychonauts‘ Raz) and Nick Jameson (Day of the Tentacle‘s Dr. Fred).

Black and Hale previously starred together in Brutal Legend as roadie-turned-world savior Eddie Riggs and his lady friend Ophelia, respectively. Black should need no introduction, as one-half of the power duo that is Tenacious D and an accomplished Hollywood actor in his own right. Hale is sort of like a female Nolan North, in the sense that her voice talents are used in a diverse assortment of games, from Mass Effect’s female Commander Shepard to BioShock Infinite‘s Rosalind Lutece.

Broken Age is largely responsible for triggering the Kickstarter craze in gaming that has dominated the industry over the past year-plus, with $3.3 million pledged over a 35-day funding period that started with a funding target of $400,000. The additional money broadened the scope of the game, which in turn led Double Fine to delay its initially planned May 2013 launch.

At this point, the game has gotten so big that the studio is planning a Steam Early Access launch for later in 2013. That release only delivers a partial story. The intent is to raise enough money in the Early Access period to support continued development, with the conclusion of the story to be delivered as a free update, targeted for mid-2014. 

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