You can finally Escape Dead Island on November 18

The latest spin-off from Deep Silver’s zombie survival franchise, Escape Dead Islandwill arrive on November 18, 2014.

Escape, developed by Fatshark, takes the series’ familiar first-person melee action and ditches it in favor of a third-person perspective. The story is set in a tropical paradise, just like the games that preceded it, but it’s got a new coat of paint, reminiscent of the cartoon-like bold colors and sharp outlines of the Borderlands games.

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As protagonist and documentarian Cliff Calo, you try to uncover the secrets behind the zombie plague that started way back in the first game, from Techland. Psychedelic visuals accompany your downward spiral as the game’s terrible secrets wrack your fragile psyche. Check out the new trailer above for a glimpse at the mysteries that you to unravel and their dire stakes.

Escape Dead Island comes out for PC and PlayStation/Xbox consoles on November 18.